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Luis Bonilla Set


This set includes:

-15 colors in a 1oz size

- A metallic decorated case
- A DipCap, an eco-friendly foam. 


Pow Orange, A burst of concentrated orange.

Wow Yellow, It´s a strong force of yellow that leaves quite an impact.

Animated Peach, The perfect mixture of orange and pink.

Bang Bang Jade, A big bang in a variety of skin tones.

Superhero Red, A solid red that is easy to use and heals heroically.

Bam Deep Burgundy, An indispensable color for this new school set.

Comic White, A versatile white, used to mix and illuminate your work.

Wham Tan, A bright color that maintains its brilliance over time.

Wham Dark Flesh, A bold medium brown with tones of red.

Kaboom Gray, A fearless atmospheric tone for backgrounds.

Villain Green, A tone ideally used to give volume to lighter areas.

Kryptonite Green, A strong green with unbeatable consistency.

Zing Violet Red, A tone used to intensify the colors in your work.

Sidekick Purple, A solid and intense color for all skin tones.

Fan Boy Orange, An admirable orange with an impactful healed result.